Review of My Gay Chat Community

My Gay Chat

Review of My Gay Chat Community

If you are looking for a gay chat site that’s loaded with horny guys, then you must checkout There are cam dudes from all over the world getting naked and showing off their bodies and you can see it live. Some guys will do much more than just get nude. They will use sex toys and masturbate while you watch from your home computer.

When you start looking at hundreds or thousands of gay cam guys, you might find that you are attracted to all types of different dudes. There are pages dedicated to a variety of niches, like: gay bears, black men, muscle, or twinks. Some of the webcam performers are also male models and adult stars. A lot of them are semi celebrities and have huge followings on social media.

We could go on forever about how great is, but you are probably starting to get the idea. Here are some major reasons we love them:

  • Hundreds of men performing naked on webcam.
  • Site looks amazing on all devices, including desktop computers, Iphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • See the performers bio with info and naughty pictures.
  • No weird hidden fees.
  • Easy to use and navigate the site.
  • 100% totally free cams – Just signup with your email and begin chatting.
  • Huge variety of models – Men of all colors, body types, and penis size.


Don’t just take our word for it, visit and find out for yourself. You are going to be so entertained and so turned on by this community. Come on in and make some friends and find some guys you like.


A naked muscle cam show with Ian Hunk

muscle cam show with Ian Hunk

Big muscle man Ian Hunk in his underwear Handsome cam performer Ian Hunk Muscled cam performer Ian Hunk shirtless

Albanian performer Ian Hunk is about to make all your dreams come true.

When I have a night to myself and nothing to distract me I like to get on line and look for the perfect naked muscle cam show with a guy who knows how to work it for their fans, and although this big guy is new to me I think I’m going to be enjoying his performances for years to come.

He goes by the name of Ian Hunk, and it’s pretty perfect as names go. This gay stud is incredible to watch on cam, showing off his amazing physique and giving the viewers everything they could want.

Reading the reviews from others is a pretty good way to know what you’re getting and one look at the opinions they’ve been leaving on his page should show you how good he is at what he does, and how nice he is too.

Yes, no doubt he could probably snap me in half if he wanted to, but with all the many ways a guy could leave this world that wouldn’t be a bad way to go out!

Oh, and did I mention that he’s hung and uncut, too? Well, now you know, and now you’re probably already heading over there to check out his latest naked muscle cam shows.


Live muscle cam fun with Colbymoney

Naked hairy jock on cam

Hairy muscle man jerking off on cam Hairy muscle man holding his cock in a webcam show Naked straight jock holding an anal toy in a cam show

Live muscle cam fun with Colbymoney

Naked straight muscle man anal play on cam

Colbymoney has to be one of the hottest live muscle cam guys you will ever have the chance to watch, I’m not kidding. I know a little more than you might expect about this guy because I’ve been a little bit of a fan boy for him for a few years. He used to appear on cam with other guys, exploring things with dudes and sharing jerk off and oral sessions. He’s definitely straight, but he’s one of those masculine and daring hunks who just doesn’t care about the labels and when he wants to get off with a buddy he knows how to share a little give and take.

He’s like that on cam too, willing to try new things and enjoy toys. As you can see from some of the shots I’ve grabbed he’s down for sliding toys into his ass and seeing how it feels.

He’s such a handsome guy, so rugged and manly, with an awesome body and just the right amount of fur in all the right places. You can imagine what it would be like to spend a night in his bedroom with him, it would be pretty wild, but a whole lot of fun.

When you tune in to watch one of his live muscle cam shows you don’t only get a lot of stroking fun with that thick manhood and a lot of ass play, you get a personable guy who just loves to have fun and get off. Is he perfect? I’ll leave that for you to decide when you’ve seen him.

See His Gay Webcam Show

gay webcam

Bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul is incredible

Bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul jerking off in his home gym Bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul Bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul jerking off on webcam Bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul cum

Damn, I think I might be in love. Actually, it might just be lust, but I think you’ll understand and sympathize when you watch bi-sexual cam jock Nick Soul performing for this fans.

If he looks familiar to you then it’s probably because you’ve seen this gorgeous 25-year-old modeling. He’s a fitness model and I’m pretty certain that I’ve enjoyed some very sexy and teasing shoots from him in the past. I don’t know if that was all under a different name but if I find out more about that I think I’ll have to post it here and let you guys know.

But, this is about his cam shows, his incredible, horny, awesome performances for his adoring fans, of which there are many.

With his stunning muscled body and his throbbing 7-inch uncut cock, this bi-sexual cam jock delivers intense shows that could only have his fans joining in with him. After three years of delivering these shows you can be guaranteed he knows what he’s going and he can push all the right buttons.

The Canadian stud is undoubtedly one of the hottest guys and he needs to be on your watch list for future shows. It looks like he’s on cam performing a lot so make sure you bookmark his page when you go over there through the link below.

See His Gay Muscle Cam Show

Stroking with hairy muscle cam guy Muscularedge6

Naked muscle man jerking off on cam

Hairy muscle man naked and jerking on webcam Sexy muscle man naked and jerking on cam Hairy muscle man naked and wanking on cam naked muscle man jerking off on webcam

We love handsome hunks who show face and put on a great cam show, but there are a lot of anonymous hunks out there who are a little bit shy when it comes to performing and don’t want to show anything above the neck. It seems this hot and hairy muscle cam dude is one perfect example of that.

But, you know what? I don’t mind that at all, because this big and powerful straight man is a dream come true even if we don’t get to see his face.

He’s a show off who loves to edge that dick and put on a great performance for whoever wants to watch, and a whole lot of people want to participate in his shows! I think he might only just be starting out, but from what I saw in his chat when I was there and enjoying the sight of him rubbing that boner he’s already got a big following and I think he’s going to be on cam a lot more.

Aside from his awesome body and that sexy fur, he has a great dick, rock solid and throbbing. As you can tell from his screen name, he’s all about enjoying long and leisurely stroking sessions, edging himself and building up to a big finish.

Go and check him out on cam when you get the chance, if you enjoy hairy muscle cam shows then you’re gonna want to follow him and see him perform.

Watch His Gay Cam Show

gay webcam

Big balls webcam hunk Brett King

Handsome cam performer Brett King

Naked cam hunk Brett King jerking off Cam hunk showing his big balls and hairy ass on cam Brett King jerking off on a bed for a cam show Muscled cam hunk Brett King jerking off Webcam hunk Brett King naked and jerking off on his bed Handsome webcam hunk Brett King jerking off

According to his bio page Brett King is a straight webcam hunk, but the way he puts on these shows and enjoys his ass so much in his performances I’m wondering just how straight he really is. Not that it matters in any way, but I would love to see if maybe he’s a little more heteroflexible than he originally thought.

He’s a gorgeous webcam hunk who has a lot to appreciate. Not only is this handsome stud so damn fine looking, he’s got a great body, a long uncut cock and a fun ass that his fans really appreciate. I was looking through some of his archived performances on the site this afternoon and he really gets into his shows, sometimes dressing up and incorporating themes for his viewers, changing the setting, and following instructions when the fans want to see something special.

As a fan of big balls on a hot guy I have to mention that it’s one of the best things about him. When he’s really going at it and working himself up his nuts start swinging and slapping like you wouldn’t believe!

Oh, as if all of that wasn’t enough to have you wanting to click through and check him out, this gay webcam hunk is also an incredibly sweet guy and all his fans seem to love him. Is he the complete package? There’s a good chance he’s gonna be on your top ten list when you see him on video.

Watch His Gay Cam Show

Bodybuilder webcam fun with Andrew Russell

Bodybuilder Andrew Russell laying on a bed

big muscle man flexing in his underwear Muscle cam hunk Andrew Russell Sexy muscle man flexing in the gym

There are a lot of sexy jocks and handsome hunks out there performing for their fans, but finding a big and powerful bodybuilder webcam stud like Andrew Russell is a little harder. There are a few, but they’re definitely rarer than the average jock dude type. So, when you find a dude like this guy you need to keep tabs on them!

I’ve been enjoying him for a little while now and I can tell you that you’re going to be totally addicted when you see him for the first time. If you like real power studs and you’re into muscle worship then you need to be watching him.

Did I mention that he has an 8″ uncut dick to stroke with you? Well, now you know.

You should also know that he’s skilled in the art of masturbation. He can deliver great long sessions of stroking that will have you joining in with him whether you planned to or not. But, let’s be honest, you all plan to!

As if all of this wasn’t enough to have you drooling and clicking through to watch his bodybuilder webcam, he’s also one of the nicest and friendlies guys you could watch too. I sometimes expect men like him to be arrogant and narcissistic, but this handsome hunk definitely isn’t like that. Go and say hi to him and watch him put on a show.

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Erotic male chat with Hairymario

Handsome and hairy European hunk laying naked on a couch

naked bearded and hairy hunk laying on a couch in a cam showErotic male chat with Hairymario

This guy is something special, and I think I understand why he’s so popular. He does things a little differently with his erotic male chat sessions, it’s not all about that cock and getting off as quickly as possible with this guy.

It’s actually quite funny, I was just looking at another guy and watching him frantically working himself up to a climax with all the focus on his manhood and stroking it, and then I switched to Hairymario and discovered a long and lazy session of erotic conversation and easy play.

You know how sometimes not seeing it all up front can be such a turn-on? This handsome and hairy European hunk understands that and seems to use it to get guys following him. It works, after only a few minutes of watching him and reading the way he was teasing and leading guys into fantasies I was ready to stick around and spend a long time enjoying it.

That’s not all he’s about, of course, he does get started on his throbbing erection and after all that erotic male chat with his viewers he seems to work up quite a load for a big splashing finish.

Sure, we all love to see a gorgeous hunk going at it and enjoying himself with his fans, but sometimes it’s nice to just chill out with a hot guy like Hairymario and build up to something more intense through erotic conversation. You should definitely go and check him out, see what this gorgeous man is all about.


Muscle man cam hunk Alexander Steel

British muscle cam guy Alexander Steel

Big muscle man in a tight t-shirt shirtless muscle man in a leather jacket Huge muscle man posing

Big and handsome muscle man cam hunk Alexander Steel is not new to showing off for his fans, he’s been delivering amazing shows for a couple of years and gaining a lot of views and admirers because of it.

He’s a British stud with an incredibly body, and a great attitude too. I was just analyzing his profile (as I tend to do) and he’s been getting a lot of great reviews and earning a lot of tips from his fans. They talk a lot about his ability to deliver amazing themed sessions and he really seems eager to deliver something special when a fan requests it.

I already have a lot of fantasies running through my mind and I can only imagine how well he would do acting like the horny suited boss making his new employee worship his muscles… oops, I just shared a little kink of mine! lol

This guy is 231lbs of pure, unadulterated muscle man, 6′ 3″ tall and with a 7″ uncut cock that he’s apparently eager to show you and share with his many adoring fans. I would say that you should go and check out his profile and be ready to get a private show with him, but I think you’ve already clicked through to see more of this muscle man cam hunk in action. Good choice.


Ripped cam stud Marko Love wants to dominate you

handsome cam performer Marko Love

Muscle man Marko Love on cam Foot fetish and arm pits with muscle man Marko Love Muscled man Marko Love showing off his ass on cam

I can’t say that I’ve ever been into the domination fetish thing, but if it came to that with this ripped cam stud I would gladly do as I’m told and follow all his instructions. Muscle worship is a different beast and I would totally be down for some of that with this guy.

His name is Marko Love and I think he might be one of the most popular guys I’ve seen so far this week.

Actually, scratch that, I know he’s one of the most popular.

How could he not be with that gorgeous face, that incredible body and an 8″ uncut cock to share with his fans in seriously in-depth performances that everyone seems to love?

The 25-year-old British stud has it all. He’s good looking, with an awesome physique, and an amazing dick to go with it. I’ve seen his ass too, and you’re gonna want to check that out for yourselves.

At 5′ 11″ and 149lbs he’s one of the most powerful and defined hunks I think I’ve ever seen performing and although there are a lot of other great men out there I think he’s going to be keeping me distracted and entertained for a while to come.

Enjoy some of his pics and make sure you go and watch this ripped cam stud the second you get the chance, you won’t regret becoming a fan.


Hung straight cam guy puts on a hot show

straight man jerking off on a couch on webcam

Hung straight man stroking his cock on a couch during a cam show at chaturbate Hung straight man showing his long erection while sitting on a couch A long and hard uncut cock

We all have a special appreciation for straight guys who like to show off and enjoy themselves without shame, right? I know a lot of guys like that, they might not be into doing anything with dudes but they like the attention they get when their cock is out. I think this hung straight cam guy is one of those fellas.

He’s an Aussie guy, a pretty damn hot one too, with one of the most impressive dicks you’re gonna see this week. I would say this month, but you’re probably gonna see hundreds lol

He’s a handsome guy and although I guess he might be just starting out in camming he’s already getting a lot of attention thanks to his dancing dick shows. He likes to stop what he’s doing and make that cock bounce around for the viewers.

One of the best things about this 26-year-old has to be the fact that he’s uncut. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who loves to see a good intact dick being stroked, and this guy’s case there’s plenty of cock to stroke too.

There’s a good chance we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of this sexy straight cam guy in the future, and I’m here for it.

See His Gay Cam Show

Hispanic cam guy Marcus Lewis

Sexy cam guy Marcus Lewis

Sexy Hispanic cam hunk Fit cam hunk Marcus Lewis Hot shirtless cam guy and model Marcus Lewis

He’s tanned, he’s sexy and he’s awesome to watch in his cam shows! His name is Marcus Lewis and this 25-year-old hottie is likely to keep my attention distracted from everything else for a while now that I’ve seen him.

He’s a gorgeous man with a great body and he loves showing it off for his fans. I was reading through his bio and it seems that although he only considers himself to be bi-curious he’s one of those guys who seems to be into muscle worship and being appreciated by whoever wants to give him attention – which is obviously every single one of us.

I guess you need some stats, right? Well, he’s Colombian, he weighs 185lbs, he’s 5′ 8″ tall and he has a 7″ uncut cock that he’s apparently not shy about showing for his most eager fans. You’re going to be one of those fans once you’ve seen him performing.

As you can probably tell from the photos here, he’s also done a bit of male modeling in his time too. I think we would all love to see a little more of that though, right?

This Hispanic cam guy is great to watch, you should click through and check out his profile and make sure you’re around when he gets on cam.